Cómo la telemetría puede ayudar a la protección catódica

Monitor your data
variable industrial

With the Telemetria of Geotech, discover trends, identify faults remotely and to make decisions that are fundamental to the continuity of your business.

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monitor your variables

Get its value data remotely.

Measure and optimize their computers remotely

Save time and money

Measurement of variables, to the extent

Integrate all your devices, all in one place

. About Telemetria


Transforms remote data into knowledge

Telemetria is the solution to IoT for remote control variables industry. We work as a team with our clients to identify their specific needs and we transform them in digital knowledge. Connect solutions remotely to transmit real information on the measures that maintain the continuity of their operations. Always keep the control, the active alarms of critical variables, perform preventive actions maintenance of your equipment and customize your management reports.


How to what we Do

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Remote configuration

We identify the equipment along with the variables to measure and configure the devices are suitable to your need, ensuring that the captured data are accurate and analyzed in GeoSmart.

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Operational parameters and Behavior of the variables

Specialized module where you can set the reporting of data to be read and are defined range limits identified by colors.

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Report news

Schedule notifications to send immediate messages 24/7: Alarms of critical variables, On/Off and remote Variables negative, non-reporting, outside of allowed range.

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Preventive and corrective maintenance with certified staff

Human talent is suitable for care of maintenance of the solution made-to-measure. Prevents damage with actions and sound, reduce incidents of unwanted and bad use of their equipment.

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Custom reports

To reach operational goals with accurate information to make decisions based on data. Align reporting with the priorities of security and compliance.

Designed for
all types of companies

Nuestro sistema de Telemetria es personalizable y autogestionable para sus necesidades de medición.


Promigas solution Cathodic Protection

SOLUTION: to Identify and review every one of the stations of cathodic protection through the use of our monitoring units (UMR), sensors, high capacity, and web platform fully customizable in real time.

- Monitoring Cathodic protection along the pipeline backbone Whale jobo.
- Increase the safety of gas pipelines and operation.
- Warranty readings of voltage and current in real time and reports.
- Parameterization of events and alarms that allow you to remotely monitor.
- Taking corrective and preventive actions in the framework of the cathodic protection in the UPC with real data.
- Savings in time and costs associated with the displacement of the technical staff of the customer to the UPC.

Natural Gas, National and international


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