By connecting your data in a single platform GeoSmart

Control of your business data analyzed and visualized in one place, from any device, at any time.

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Manage in a single platform
has great benefits

We accompany him in the decision making and growth of your business

Control 360° of your data in real-time

Optimization of equipment and savings in operational costs

Decision making based on evidence

Customization of your reports

. About GeoSmart


Web platform only monitoring data for timely decision-making

We are the platform for the monitoring and control custom vehicles and variable industrial. Developed with technology IoT that allows us to integrate the data from all the monitoring devices of your company. Interconnect data and analyze variables remotely, ensuring accurate measurement and easy viewing of your outcomes from your cell phone or computer.


How to what we Do

01 / 07

Specialized modules for behavior variables

Create your company's custom module of reception and analysis of the data captured by the devices and wireless sensors installed, we identify the ideal equipment to measure your important data.

02 / 07

Vehicle monitoring

Location of vehicles , set up geofencing, routes, set alarms for control points and shipments. Evidence of diversion of routes

03 / 07

Remote commands

To perform power off or remote on / off of equipment for safety, security or range outside of zones allowed. For vehicle monitoring you also install the panic button connected to the control center. Alliance with the police to report theft of vehicles.

04 / 07

Business intelligence BI

Analysis of the converted data into customized Reports and Graphs, Dashboard. Keep on hand the information of historical reports of varying industrial, offices and reports

05 / 07

User management

Account with a registration of unlimited users to have a 360° vision of all of its assets, profiles with custom permissions and contact information for sending notifications scheduled.

06 / 07

Vehicle information

State of your vehicle odometer, hourmeter, idle, schedule maintenance activities, and estimated consumption of gasoline.

07 / 07

Driver behavior

Identification of loads and drivers, hard braking, speeding and parking extended.

Designed for
all type of industries


Express Brasilia

Successful integration of Geosmart platform with the Traffic of Brasilia, and allows the client to receive real-time alerts on any new developments in your operation. Not only obtains the location but reports and alarms scheduled.

The results have been favorable for protection growth of your business:

- Detection and reduction of parking prohibited and prolonged, outputs, routing, and excesses of speed.
- Control operations are not allowed, operations template free.
- Generate reports with punctuality and improve their indicators.
- Prevented and reduced case of accident by now of routes.

Special transportation of passengers, National and international


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