Secure your load
to your final destination

With GeoLock you have the electronic security to prevent manipulation of charge with continual reports of your trip.

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Bar electronic
with great benefits

Protect from truth your burden with the latest in GPS technology

Double security: security Bar and Yellow genip signal.

Continual reports of location, up to 5 days long battery life, and use of sleep mode.

Save costs by being reusable and self-control of the operation.

Easy installation, small size with rugged protection.

. About GeoLock


Bar smart electronic it combines hardware and software to increase the protection of your load

GeoLock is our close-mail robust, secure, and reusable, easy-to-install in doors of the container. Blocked openings not programmed, prevents the manipulation, monitors the location and alert in real-time to our platform GeoSmart, when occurring alterations in the security seal.
Long-lasting battery that emits a signal for up to 5 hours, it optimizes the battery using the sleep mode or in case of having no signal, the information is saved until you return to have a connection.


How to what we Do

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Applications of shipments

Creation and tracking of shipments through form of travel that indicate opening and closing, free of yellow genip and alarms.

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Monitoring control center 24/7

Receipt of custom alarms entry and exit of areas, steps by control points and bar disconnect.

03 / 05

User monitoring

The customer / user's own for visibility of the tracking of the bar: traceability of the trip and shipments.

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Reports and historical

Reports with trip details: return trip, customer, vehicle, container, path, date of installation and uninstallation.

05 / 05

Recovery of Geolock

Notification platform for termination of the voyage, who was the technical manager and uninstall receipt by the customer.


Transport Sanchez Polo

SOLUTION: Geofleet and Geolock integrated with the internal system of the client traffic.

•Complete traceability and greater cargo security by monitoring the trailer and the container, simultaneously, in the same platform.

•Recovery of stolen goods, and reduction of incidents, unwanted.

•Reduction of the risk of human error or involvement of internal staff in illicit.

•Better rates of compliance with service agreements.

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