Satellite tracking GPS
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GeoFleet es el dispositivo de rastreo satelital GPS para los vehículos de su flota terrestre

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Smart technology, GPS for protection of fleets

GeoFleet es la solución de control y rastreo satelital GPS en tiempo real para el monitoreo de su flota. Optimice el uso de sus recursos, logrando maximizar el retorno de su inversión, gracias a la información valiosa de rutas, alarmas, comandos remotos antirrobos, centro de control 24/7 y reportes personalizados. Manténgase informado de los retrasos en la ruta, mejore sus tiempos de mercancías, la llegada de sus pasajeros y conozca el uso real de su flota.


How to what we Do

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Vehicle monitoring

Location of vehicles , set up geofencing, routes, set alarms for control points and shipments. Evidence of diversion of routes

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Vehicle information

State of your vehicle odometer, hourmeter, idle, schedule maintenance activities, and estimated consumption of gasoline.

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Remote commands

To perform power off or remote on / off and panic button connected to the control center. Alliance with the police to report theft of vehicles, with a recovery rate of 98%

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Driver behavior

Identification of loads and drivers, hard braking, speeding and parking extended.

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Business intelligence BI

Analysis of the converted data into customized Reports and Graphs, Dashboard. Keep on hand the information of historical reports of shipments and reports

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User management

Account with a registration of unlimited users to have a 360° vision of all its vehicles, and profiles with custom permissions and contact information for sending notifications scheduled.

Designed for all types of transport


Transport Sanchez Polo

SOLUTION: Geofleet and Geolock integrated with the internal system of the client traffic.

•Complete traceability and greater cargo security by monitoring the trailer and the container, simultaneously, in the same platform.

•Recovery of stolen goods, and reduction of incidents, unwanted.

•Reduction of the risk of human error or involvement of internal staff in illicit.

•Better rates of compliance with service agreements.

Transport and logistics, National and international


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