Secure your load
with electronic lock international

With GeoBolt control the manipulation of your load with the digital stamp more resistant on the market

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Security of your load
with great benefits

Revolutionizing the way that organizations take advantage of the information.

Real-time location

Prevents manipulation
not scheduled

Saving costs by being reusable, rechargeable, and ultraresistente

Easy and quick installation
with no wiring

. About GeoBolt


A digital stamp of high security with compliance to ISO, and C-TPAT

GeoBolt the GPS device is reusable to ensure load. Design type padlock with housing ultraresistente, it is easy to install on the doors of the container to ensure its proper handling to your destination.
Transmits information to the platform of Geotech using your GSM network with GPS technology built-in. Developed by Geotech and TydenBrooks, the world leader in security seals, meets with the international standards of charge.


How to what we Do

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Single platform for managing the entire operation

Geosmart receives the information Geobolt, for control from anywhere, and detect anomalies in the supply chain.

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Alerts manipulation

Sends alerts and notifications of the handling of the seal bolt: inputs and outputs of Geofencing, a violation of the seal, opening and closing of the container.

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Monitoring times of operation

Control your cargo 24/7 thanks to the internal antennas GSM and GPS that transmit signal on the load. In case of inactivity of signal, it stores up to 2000 messages.

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Alarm configuration

Time of report,adjustable alarms and notifications. 24/7 monitoring the load and voltage of the battery to ensure transmission of information.

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Custom reports

Our powerful BI generates customized reports of monitoring. Configure the times of the reports to view them on GeoSmart.

Designed for your industry

Solutions with their needs in mind of cargo securing


Co-developed with TydenBrooks

Lock #1 in the world, developed with the Global Leader in security seals.

GeoBolt is a smart device security reusable latest generation developed by GEOTECH, with the seal bolt Tydenbrooks, complies with ISO 17712: 2013 and C-TPAT.

TydenBrooks, more than 147 years experience, in over 75 countries.


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